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Our Knock-Out roses got their annual cutting this weekend. Felt bad because they all already had new growth starting. And the birds were clearly not happy about losing their shelter around that part of the house. But it needed to be done and I'll remember why in a few weeks when they start to take off! Until then, I'll be pulling bits of thorns out of various places on my body. :-(
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Land of the Butterflies

A Helping Hand

While checking our healthy Blue Spruce for bagworms, the husband accidentally scared a couple of baby Chipping Sparrows from their nest. They looked a few days shy of fledging, so I caught them and set them back up in the tree.

Boston Fern - Take Two

Pretty proud of myself as my "black thumb" may finally be turning green! My first attempt with a Boston Fern was many years ago. It died just a couple weeks after purchasing it as I couldn't stop the foliage from turn browning and falling off. I purchased these beauties back in early April. Three months later, they are not only still alive... they are THRIVING!